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You Can Never Have Too Much Pulled Pork!

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Learn to calculate how much pulled pork you need to feed a family of 5 or a party of 300.


Sometimes it is tough to know how much pulled pork you should cook for the amount of people you need to feed.  The following guidelines (or rules of thumb) will help you calculate the amount of raw pork to start with.

DISCLAIMER… We tend to calculate our pulled pork amounts slightly on the high side.  We would rather have leftovers than run out of food.  BUT, you can never know for sure how people are going to eat so don’t be surprised when the 50 Cub Scouts you are feeding eat more than 50 pro football players and you start to run low or vice versa and you have tons of leftovers.

Rule #1 – 1lb of finished pulled pork will feed 3 people.

1/3 of a pound or approximately 5 ounces is a nice serving on a plate or bun.

Rule #2 – expect 50% yield when cooking pulled pork.

50% yield means that if you start with a 10 lb raw pork butt you will end up with 5 lbs of pulled pork.

Example Calculation

Based on our two simple rules we can calculate how much pulled pork for 100 people…

100 people/3 servings per lb = 33.3 lbs of finished pulled pork

33.3 lbs of finished pulled pork / .5 (50% yield) = 66.6 lbs of raw pork to cook.

Adjustments to the Rules

Who is Your Crowd?

If you are feeding a group of kids or seniors adjust the equation to 4 people per pound.  If you are feeding big eaters like athletes, teenagers, or fireman adjust to 2 people per pound.

Are you are serving other meats?

If you are serving  other main dishes in addition to the pulled pork you can reduce your amount to cook by 1/3.

What size are your buns?

Sandwich buns that is.  Smaller buns will hold 4 ounces of pulled pork.  Medium size will hold 5 ounces and larger buns will hold 6 ounces.  Adjust your calculation appropriately.

Leftover Pulled Pork

Our goal is to always have some leftover pulled pork.  That way we know everybody got as much to eat as they wanted.

  • You can keep the extra and freeze it.
  • You can send porkie bags home with your guests (1 QT ziplocs work great for this).
  • If catering an event send some home in clamshells with your business card attached.